The Most Common Reasons for Divorce and What to do

While there may not be one leading cause of divorce, some are much more common than others. Many of the most common causes of divorce (like disagreements about money, for example) can remain an issue well into the separation process.

Here we’ll outline some of the most common causes of divorce, and show you how you can avoid letting them worsen the already stressful divorce process.


A lack of finances isn’t always the issue. Disagreement about how finances should be spent, regardless of how much each partner makes, is a divorce-causing problem too. According to a Bank of Montreal poll “approximately 68% said that fighting over money would be their top reason for divorce.” This isn’t surprising since money problems can spark power struggles. Should the higher income partner have more spending decision power? Whose fault is it when budget problems arise? Often times conflict arises when someone is looking to blame someone for budget problems.

Trying your best to keep your divorce uncontested can save you a lot of money in legal fees. If you and your partner disagree about how your money should be divided during your separation, Thistoo can help you split your assets fairly. Thistoo’s Asset Calculator can help you inventory your assets, help you choose what you’d like to keep, and suggest a fair way to divide it all. Try it here:


Infidelity is another common reason that marriages end in divorce.  Another common reason for divorce is infidelity, where one or even both parties have emotional and/or physical relations outside of the marriage. Often times infidelity can be a result of underlying issues in the marriage such as anger, lack of affection, different interests, and growing apart.

Even if you’re separating because of infidelity, you must still live separate and apart from your ex-partner for one year before you can file for divorce. While infidelity can be incredibly hurtful, there’s value in proceeding uncontested. Contested divorces are expensive, costly, and can cause even more stress to you and your ex-partner.


“Falling out of love”

Another very common reason couples separate is that they simply fall out of love, this can lead to lack of communication and affection. These days, striking a healthy work-life balance is tough, and this can affect your relationship. Sometimes, the closeness you once felt to your partner dissolves. 

In many cases, partners who fall out of love can still maintain strong friendships. This is especially helpful when children are involved. Amicability can make the divorce process easier. With Thistoo, you and your ex-partner can complete a joint divorce agreement together to ensure you’re both satisfied. You can access your joint divorce agreement here:

Lack of compatibility

While opposites may initially attract, lack of compatibility is another common reason for divorce. Some people may rush into marriage and when the initial euphoria of love fades away, people can realize that their spouse and them do not agree on certain important issues. When couples don’t see eye to eye on important topics like money, children, and future goals this can prompt frustration and detachment. Lack of compatibility can make you feel isolated and lead to difficulties with communicating what you want, which can start to be addressed by using a mediator to foster collaboration and communication between you and your spouse.

Keeping your divorce uncontested means keeping your divorce personal, confidential, and inexpensive. Start your uncontested divorce here: