Divorce Task List

When going through a divorce there’s a lot on your mind from how your children may be feeling to what will happen with your house. During this time it’s easy to let important details slip through the cracks. Here at thistoo we are here to help keep you on track and organized.

This post will discuss all the important details necessary to finalize a separation and divorce that often get looked over. To keep track of your own tasks use thistoo’s Task Smartlist or refer to the infographic below.



    When you separate from your partner it is important that you separate your finances too. This may seem obvious to most people but it involves more than just dividing your assets. Any banking or financial information that both you and your spouse have access to will need to be updated. If you have shared credit cards you will need to apply for a new personal credit card. You will also need to discontinue using joint bank accounts and open a new personal account. If you already have a personal account it would be wise to change the PIN number. As well, you will need to close any joint lines of credit and remove your name from any shared billing accounts.

If you have moved out of the matrimonial home you should notify your utilities of the move. If you have continued to make utility payments since moving out, keep track of what you are paying so that it can be sorted out fairly. After moving out it will also be necessary to update your contact information, not only at the bank, but all important contacts such as the doctor’s office.

During this process be sure to notify your spouse of any changes you are making to shared accounts; the key to successfully negotiating your separation is honesty. It is important that you are both on the same page and up front with each other during the separation, especially when it comes to finances.

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Once you get divorced you can no longer receive health insurance under your Ex’s plan. Your children however can continue to be covered under them. Therefore if you find yourself uninsured following your divorce it is very important that you immediately seek out your own insurance plan. If your Ex was covered under your plan you will need to tell your insurance provider about the divorce so that they can be removed from the plan. No matter which side of the situation you are on it is recommended that you include information about health insurance in your separation agreement. Outline whether or not insurance coverage will be continuing as usual during the separation period. Check with your employer about what their policies are before making a decision; some employers treat separation the same way as divorce and will not allow you to offer coverage to a separated spouse.


You may feel overwhelmed by the amount of legal documents and requirements necessary for getting a divorce. Thistoo simplifies this process by providing you with step by step instruction about how to get an uncontested divorce and by providing you with all the necessary documentation. See our previous posts for further explanation about the divorce process and the required documents. Throughout this process it is easy to forget about other important legal factors that aren’t the key aspects in getting a divorce. If you are still in the process of getting a divorce we highly recommend that you have a separation agreement. A separation agreement outlines the terms of your separation, it is a legally binding document that states what each of you have agreed to. You can generate your own separation agreement with thistoo. There are also important legal tasks following the finalization of your divorce. You will need to update your will to your new preferences. Following a divorce the contents of your will have likely changed. For example you may have sold your house or have gained full ownership of a vehicle. As well, if your Ex was the main beneficiary of your will, you may want to update that information. You will need to review your will and update both the contents and the beneficiaries. If your Ex is currently the sole beneficiary of your life insurance you may also want to look into updating this information.  

Social Media

Changing your Facebook relationship status may seem trivial. It is however an important last step and allows you tie up the loose ends and fully separate from your Ex. In saying that though it is important that you use social media responsibly. When changing your status it is best to wait until your divorce is finalized but if you choose to do so beforehand alert your spouse and make sure that they are aware. You will be making your separation public knowledge and it is important that they are not caught off guard by this action. Divorce is always difficult but the easiest way to get through it is by remaining honest and civil towards your spouse.

    In regards to social media what you post is also important. You may be used to posting your every thought and feeling and documenting your life online. You should refrain from oversharing or bad talking your Ex online though.  As much as you may feel like you want to hurt your Ex, once it’s on the internet it can’t be taken back. You don’t want to share things on social media in a moment of anger or bitterness that you will later regret. Think of posting to social media as standing in a room full of everyone you know and will ever meet, and shouting out your thoughts for all of them to hear. You don’t want to share things that you wouldn’t want your kids or future employers one day seeing. You also don’t want to make your friends and family members choose sides. You may be feeling hurt or betrayed and want to turn everyone against your Ex, but your friends and families have loved and known both of you and it is not fair to put them in that position.

Getting a divorce is a major life change and the process may feel overwhelming. Thistoo is committed to simplifying the process and helping you every step of the way.