Post-Divorce New Year’s Resolutions

Get your priorities straight

First and foremost, you should identify your priorities and create suitable goals to attain them. Knowing how you wish to better your present circumstances puts you in the ideal position to actually do something about it! Do you want to find a home? Land your dream job? Sort out your finances? Work on Self-growth? Try to break down these larger goals into smaller steps so you can measure your progress and also not feel discouraged by the difficulties. 

Post-Divorce New Year's Resolutions

Get Your Finances In Order

Perhaps the whirlwind of the holiday season had you neglecting the sticky details of your financial situation. The new year provides a fantastic opportunity to sort out your finances. You may have already created your separation agreement, which outlines your main assets like the matrimonial home, vehicles, and investments - but there are also smaller things such as utility bills, credit card debts, and bank accounts that need to be adjusted to your new situation. As well, you will need to consider how your taxes and insurance will be affected. Visiting a financial advisor and budgeting for the new year is a big must.

Plan a Trip

Check some items off your bucket list this year! Plan a vacation abroad that will broaden your horizons, or take a trip that will bring you the peace and relaxation you’ve been looking for. Money may be tight after the holiday season and getting away may seem out of the question, but getting away does not have to break the bank. Simply taking a spa day to yourself, doing a day-trip to a nearby destination or having a “staycation” in your city can do wonders for your well-being.

Find a New Hobby

Develop a useful skill or just find a new, fun way to pass time. Hobbies can be a great way to take your mind off of things. They can also bring many meaningful connections and friendships into your life. Create space, physically and mentally, to cherish your passions. Even if your hobby is fairly solitary, you will still benefit from devoting your time to something you enjoy. Find activities to do that bring you peace, calm you down, or take your mind off of your divorce. Doing yoga, going for a walk, or picking a new TV show can help you refocus your energy. These activities are also a great way to find points of consistency during a time when your daily routine may be substantially altered.

Practice Gratitude

The new year comes with a blank slate of opportunities that will become what you make of them. Choose to welcome opportunities with gratitude, even when circumstances may seem hard. Take the time each day to practice gratitude, whether it’s by journaling, meditating or reaching out and thanking those who make your life meaningful. If you make this apart of your daily routine, you will find your mindset is more attuned to finding the good in every situation. Reinventing your outlook is one of the most powerful ways to seize the new year.

Don’t Rush into a new Romance

The new year may seem to be the right time to find a new partner. However, first your should take your time to explore your freedom, and allow yourself to fully embrace your past. There was a reason why your marriage didn’t work out. Whether the separation was because of clashing personalities, poor communication or misunderstandings, the past may repeat itself if you rush into another romantic relationship too quickly. Before you look for romantic prospects, look to the past as an opportunity to learn more about the type of person you are. You have made good decisions and were strong enough to walk away from a relationship that wasn’t meant to be. Appreciate the times in the past when you have shown strength, and acknowledge times of weakness, learning from them in order to make better choices next time.

Foster New friendships

Don’t be afraid to reach out to others. Keeping your social life full will give you less time to dwell on the past and will also give you more to look forward to in the present. Surround yourself with people who inspire, energize, care for and listen to you. Find those in your circle who are there to support you in your time of need. Support groups and divorce threads are also great places to meet those who relate. You’d be surprised how many people have gone through similar experiences to you, have conquered them, and are willing to share their experience. It is equally comforting to tell your story to a group of people who understand your situation.

Finalize Your Divorce

If you have recently decided to file for divorce, you may still be in the process of finalizing. In fact, there is a one-third increase in filings during the months of January to March. To learn more about how to file for divorce and your various options, check out our other blog posts on the Legal Process of Divorce. You have options beyond traditional litigation, which is a costly and tiresome process for many. Consider Alternative Dispute Resolution methods, or an uncontested divorce.

In uncontested divorces, spouses must come to an agreement on all issues raised by the divorce. An uncontested divorce is much less expensive than going to court and offers spouses the opportunity to end their marriage quietly and with dignity.  


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Happy New Year!

What are you going to do to make sure 2017 is your best year yet?