10 unique decorating tips that will make your child's new bedroom feel like home


Moving out of the matrimonial home and into a new one can be difficult for both you and your children. Relocating your children during a divorce, or for any other reason can have psychological repercussions. An article published by Psychology Today references a study published in the Journal of Social and Personality Psychology which states that frequent moves can disrupt important friendships and result in children having fewer quality relationships and scoring lower on life satisfaction as adults. Although these changes and moves are often out of your control as a parent, making the move into a new home as easy and relaxing as possible can minimize some negative feelings about the move for your child. We have compiled a list of 10 tips to make your childs new bedroom feel just like home.

1.     Involve your children

By involving your children in the decoration process of their new bedroom, you can help make the move exciting rather than something to dread. Online Apps like the Kids Room Planner even allow your children the opportunity to drag and drop furniture ideas and get some inspiration. Getting them involved in the decoration process will help keep their mind off the trying times and give them something to be excited about.

2.     Don’t be afraid to DIY

Divorce is expensive, and moving into a new house can add to these expenses. Luckily, there are low-cost options for furnishing your house that can still make your home look fabulous.

For example, you could purchase used furniture at auctions, shop at second-hand stores, or ask friends for furniture they no longer use. A little bit of paint and some new hardware can really change the appearance of furniture. DIY Décor Blogs like A Beautiful Mess written by sisters Elsie and Emma showcase wonderful DIY projects that you could complete at home for a much lower cost than buying new furniture.

3.     Use large pieces to make the bedroom appear decluttered

Instead of purchasing a multitude of small knick-knacks to decorate your child's room, focus on bigger pieces that make a statement and make space appear less cluttered. Smaller knick-knacks can be harder to clean, so statement pieces will both give the room a less cluttered feel and save you time. 

4.     Wall Vinyl

Want to add a quote on your child wall or a cute design? Wall vinyl is an excellent way to fill up some empty space on a wall, without the commitment of painting. Most wall vinyl is easy to apply and just as easy to remove. You can find tons of cheap wall vinyl on Ebay for as low as $3, so it is an extremely cost effective way to spice up a blank wall. 

5.     A bedspread to remember


The bed is the focal point of a bedroom, so buying a bedspread that is not only comfy but also brings the entire room together is very important.

We suggest purchasing a duvet and duvet cover instead of a quilt or comforter set. Duvets are easy to wash and easy to change. This way when your child’s taste changes you can just purchase a new cover. Comforters are difficult to wash and are usually less durable than duvets. Another way to decorate the bed is to add accent pillows. Pillows are a great way to brighten up the bedroom and to add pops of colour. Bedding can be found from online stores like WayFair for as low as $30 or could even be sewn yourself. 

6.     Paint Colour

The experts recommend choosing a lighter, more neutral colour for the bedroom, and accenting it bright lamp shades or furniture. This way the subtle paint colours will grow with your child as they age, making it easier to redecorate the room by switching out furniture pieces. Shown above is Sherwin Williams Light French Gray paint shade that has some accent pieces that bring colour into the room.

7.     Photos

Adding photos to your child’s bedroom can help make the new space feel a lot more like home. Showcasing personal aspects of the space to make it feel more like it's theirs. Be sure to accept and encourage displaying photos of your ex-spouse as they will likely remain a large part of the child’s life.  

8.     Work Station


If your children are already in school, this is especially important. Setting up a workstation where your children can focus and complete their homework in a peaceful environment is key. By providing a workstation that's organized and quiet will alleviate some of the stresses they are already feeling.  

Pictured on the right is a bedroom makeover by interior designer Jillian Harris





9.     Window Treatments

Window treatments can totally change the way a bedroom looks. Shades are a popular choice because their blackout capabilities can both help your child get a good night’s sleep and keep the room cool on summer nights and warm on winter nights. Curtains can also make the room feel more like home, and if you have invested in a good set of blinds, buying a cheap pair of curtains can serve as a cozy decorative element.

10.  Have Fun

Moving can be stressful, and sometimes the stress of it all can impact the way you are interacting with your children. Remember to stay positive throughout the process and have fun decorating your new home. 

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