Introducing Case Comparison

At Thistoo, we’re excited to announce the launch of our new Case Comparison tool. The tool has been developed to help divorcees avoid arguing over issues that have predictable resolutions and come to a fair agreement affordably.

Empower yourself with Thistoo's Case Comparison tool

How it works

The Case Comparison tool gives you a realistic prediction of how your situation would be resolved in court. The first step is filling out our simple request form that describes your specific situation. You’ll be asked for information, such as:

  • Annual income of both parties

  • Value of marital asset values including any property, vehicles, investments, etc

  • Information regarding children, if applicable

  • Marriage / separation dates, etc.

After entering your personal information, the tool constructs your profile. It then searches our database of over 58,000 cases to find the three cases most similar to your situation based on your profile. Once the three most similar cases are identified, we extract all the relevant information for you (how assets were divided, how were support payments determined, child custody ruling, etc) and compile it in an easy to read document.

By understanding how similar situations are treated by a judge, you get a realistic picture of how your situation would be resolved should you decide to litigate your divorce.



How does this help me?

Our mission at Thistoo is to keep you out of the courtroom. And we’ve found that showing divorcees the outcomes of real divorce trials can be an effective way to do that. We’re not trying to scare you, we’re trying to inform you. Understanding how your situation would be resolved in court is an important first step in managing your expectations and making informed decisions about your divorce.

We see too many clients that believe they need to spend thousands of dollars in legal fees to protect theirs assets and get a “fair divorce”. But in reality, most people end up spending way more money than they save with this strategy. After legal fees, the average contested divorce costs over $12,000CDN, and this obviously doesn’t account for the emotional cost of a court trial - which should not be ignored.

While there are certainly cases where hiring a lawyer is the only option for resolving a divorce, we believe that it is unnecessary for the vast majority of people. Our Case Comparison tool can give you peace of mind by giving you a clear picture of how your situation would be treated by a judge. By understanding how your situation would likely be resolved, you can make much more intelligent and financially sound decisions.

By providing your personal information you create an environment of transparency, which is key in maintaining a healthy negotiation climate with your spouse. The divorces that turn ugly are those that begin with dishonesty and maliciousness. The most important thing in the early stages of divorce is to be civil with your soon-to-be-Ex. Informing yourselves on how your divorce would be resolved can be a great first step to negotiating a fair and lasting agreement to get you through divorce and on with your lives.  

If you’ve already decided on the major issues raised by divorce, start creating a custom separation agreement here.

Privacy and Information concerns

The information provided to you by our Case Comparison tool is pulled from publicly available divorce cases. Should you decide to litigate your divorce, your court judgement as well as any tribunal decisions regarding your case are made publicly available within two days of judgement. The information is made available via the Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII). While some may consider this an invasion of personal privacy, the fact of the matter is that case law is publicly available for a number of reasons and, unless you and your Ex can come to an agreement yourselves, there is no avoiding this.

Some clients have concerns regarding the privacy of the information they provide us. Rest assured that we take privacy very seriously at Thistoo. Your personal information is protected by military grade encryption and is only indexed internally. We recognize our customer's right to privacy and promise to never share, sell, or reveal any of your private personal information.  

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